The Virus (Red)
“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” ― Vladimir Lenin
by Dezentral 

Bounce 048
Abstract bouncing figure #48 tz1duZMsESvhr88Xa4fYzC2WLCXGRJnxhwDd

This artwork was donated by Ruben Fro (, @Ruben_Fro) to help raise money in solidarity for the protestors in Colombia.

Polyblock – Icosahedron (Transparency)

About the “Transparency” Polyblocks: The original polyblocks were dark and solid: << They seemed carved out of graphite or coal >>. I now see them as an analogy of the energy inefficient blockchain Ethereum, based on Proof-Of-Work algorithm, and released on NiftyGateway, a platform now dismissed for its misuse of the blockchain and lack of transparency. These new pieces are offered to the collectors as replacement for the old polyblocks: fully transparent, they reflect the clarity of the new PoS smart contracts deployed on the energy efficient blockchain tezos. This NFT provides full transparency, better provenance, ownership and conservation. About the Platonic solids: Platonic solids are constructed by identical, regular, polygonal faces. There are exactly five platonic solids. The Greeks, who were inclined to see in mathematics something of the nature of religious truth, found this very compelling. The philosopher Plato concluded that they must be the fundamental building blocks, “the atoms” of nature. Plato assigned to the solids what he believed to be the essential elements of the universe. He assigned fire to the tetrahedron, earth to the cube, air to the octahedron, and water to the icosahedron. The dodecahedron represents the constellations that make up the universe. There are as many editions of a polyblock as its amount of faces.

Joanie Lemercier