The Institute for Studies on Latin American Art (ISLAA)
New York  January 28 – May 1 2021

In 1981, the Mexican artist group Colectivo 3—comprising Aarón Flores, Araceli Zúñiga, Blanca Noval Vilar, and César Espinosa—issued an open call for contributions to a collaborative artwork titled Poema Colectivo Revolución. Inspired by the 1979 Sandinista-led uprising in Nicaragua, the group sought to produce a “collective poem” about the theme of revolution, inviting artists and writers to submit their responses to this open-ended prompt on copies of the same letter-size sheet of paper.

The open call received hundreds of mailed-in replies from forty-three countries that, viewed in unison, map out a network of solidarity at a moment of mounting global tensions and economic turmoil. Encompassing typed and handwritten verses, ink and pencil drawings, newspaper collages, and Xerox photocopies, the project cohered a vast array of artistic approaches and ideological perspectives to creatively imagine alternatives to social realities. While some contributors directly addressed the political situation in Nicaragua, most reflected on personal interests and on the ideals and implications of revolutionary action, with works ranging from playfully subversive to skeptically critical.

Revisited today, Poema Colectivo Revolución remains a remarkable document of mail art whose radical spirit and aesthetic eccentricity continue to resonate, forty years after its creation.


Featured Artists 

A de Araujo (Brazil) · A. Duren (Australia) · Abílio-José Santos (Portugal) · Alain Pilon and Louise Gagnon (Canada) · Alain Snyers (France) · Alberto Harrigan (Brazil) ∙ Albuquerque Mendes (Italy) ∙ Alcides Buss (Brazil) ∙ Alejandro Montiel (Mexico) ∙ Alex Igloo (United States) ∙ Alfio Fiorentino (Italy) ∙ Aloys Ohlmann (West Germany) ∙ Álvaro Barrios (Colombia) ∙ Ana Zárate (Mexico) ∙ Andrea Corsini (Italy) ∙ Andrzej Dudek Dúrer (Poland) ∙ Andrzej Wielgosz (Poland) ∙ Angelo Vitale (Italy) ∙ Anna Torelli (Italy) ∙ Antonio Álvarez-Portugal (Mexico) ∙ Antonio Crivellari (Italy) ∙ António Olaio (Portugal) ∙ Antonio Salazar B. (Mexico) ∙ AR:CO Grupo Arte Off-Off (Mexico) ∙ Armando Azevedo (Portugal) ∙ Armando Montoya Jordán (Peru) ∙ Arno Arts (Netherlands) ∙ Art Foot (United States) ∙ Art Hopkins (United States) ∙ Art Liquidation Front (United States) ∙ B.E. Pilcher (England) ∙ Balint Szombathy (Yugoslavia) ∙ Bedeschi Giuseppe (Italy) ∙ Ben Allen (Ireland) ∙ Bengt Adlers (Sweden) ∙ Bern Porter (United States) ∙ Biagio Donati (Italy) ∙ Birger Jesch (German Democratic Republic) ∙ Bo Cronqvist (Sweden) ∙ Bogdanka Poznanovic (Yugoslavia) ∙ Bruce Walter Barton (United States) ∙ Bruno Baccelli (Italy) ∙ Camerani Maurizio (Italy) ∙ Cane (Canada) ∙ Capuano Guido (Italy) ∙ Carlos Zerpa (Venezuela) ∙ Carmelo Hernando (Spain) ∙ Carsten Schmidt-Olsen (Denmark) ∙ Cesar (Mexico) ∙ Charles Dreyfus (France) ∙ Charles Francois (Belgium) ∙ Chuck Stake Enterprizes (Canada) ∙ Claude Pasquer (France) ∙ Clemente Padín (Uruguay) ∙ Colectivo Errante/Eli Perez-Gloria Alicia Chanduvi (Peru) ∙ Curtis R. Uebelhor (United States) ∙ Dadi Gudbjornsson (Iceland) ∙ Dan Barber (United States) ∙ Daniel Daligand (France) ∙ Daniel Daligand (France) ∙ Daniel Maillet (New Caledonia) ∙ Daniele Ciullini (Italy) ∙ Dario Corbeira (Spain) ∙ David B. Greenberger (United States) ∙ David Lee (United States) ∙ Denis Mizzi (Australia) ∙ Denise A. Aubertin (France) ∙ Dick Rainer (England) ∙ Diederick van Kleef and Jos Smits (Netherlands) ∙ Dietrich Albrecht (Federal Republic of Germany) ∙ Diogenes G. Metidieri (Brazil) ∙ Dobrica Kamperelic (Yugoslavia) ∙ Dórian E. Ribas Marinho (Brazil) ∙ E. Walsh (United States) ∙ E.F. Higgins III (United States) ∙ Edgardo Antonio Vigo (Argentina) ∙ Egon Blomquist (Finland) ∙ El Filimir (Yugoslavia) ∙ Eleanor Kent (United States) ∙ Elisabette Mileu (Portugal) ∙ Emerenciano (Portugal) ∙ Emilio Morandi (Italy) ∙ Endre Tot (Federal Republic of Germany) ∙ Enrico Sturani (Italy) ∙ Enzo Mancini (Italy) ∙ Enzo Rosamilia (Italy) ∙ Esther Olondriz (Spain) ∙ Falves Silva (Brazil) ∙ Felix Beltran (Cuba) ∙ Fermin Encinar (Spain) ∙ Fidel Guzmán Quispe (Bolivia) ∙ Francesc Vidal i Vives (Spain) ∙ Francesca Cataldi (Italy) ∙ Francisco Alvarado-Juárez (Nicaragua) ∙ Francisco Jaimes Acuña (Mexico) ∙ François Guinochet (France) ∙ Franz Milan Wirth (Austria) ∙ G. Berkowitz (United States) ∙ Gábor Tóth (Hungary) ∙ Gaspari Walter (Italy) ∙ Geo Ripley (Dominican Republic) ∙ Geoffrey Cook (United States) ∙ Gerhard Jaschke (Austria) ∙ Ghislain Mollet-Viéville (France) ∙ Giovanni Compagnino (Italy) ∙ Giovanni Fontana (Italy) ∙ Giuliana Maturi and Peppe Rosamilia (Italy) ∙ Grupo Texto Poético (Spain) ∙ Guglielno Pepe (Italy) ∙ Guillermo Deisler (Bulgaria) ∙ Gustavo Vega (Spain) ∙ Guy Bleus (Belgium) ∙ Guy Schraenen (Belgium) ∙ György Galántay (Hungary) ∙ Hans Nevidal (Austria) ∙ Harley Francis II (United States) ∙ Hase and Igel (Sweden) ∙ Helen Okragly (United States) ∙ Henk Fakkeldij (Netherlands) ∙ Henning Mittendorf (Federal Republic of Germany) ∙ Hermann Gruber (Austria) ∙ Hervé Fischer (France) ∙ Hetty Huisman (Netherlands) ∙ Hugo José Rodino Lalín (Argentina) ∙ Humberto Miguel Jimenez (Mexico) ∙ Ingrid Weiss (Federal Republic of Germany) ∙ Istvan Gyalai/Igan Bunus (Romania) ∙ Ivo Antic (Yugoslavia) ∙ Ivo Antic (Yugoslavia) ∙ J.O. Olbrich (Federal Republic of Germany) ∙ Jacques Lizéne (Belgium) ∙ Jaime Cabanas (Spain) ∙ James Haining (United States) ∙ Jan Pacák (Czechoslovakia) ∙ Janice Peshke (Canada) ∙ Jas H. Duke (Australia) ∙ Jean-Paul Thenot (France) ∙ Jei Zbigr (Poland) ∙ Jesús Manuel (Spain) ∙ Jesus Romeo Galdámez (El Salvador) ∙ Joan Manresa (Spain) ∙ Jon CA (United States) ∙ Jordi Cerda (Spain) ∙ Jose Luis (Mexico) ∙ José M. de la Pezuela (Spain) ∙ Juan José Espinosa Vargas (Spain) ∙ Juan Manuel Ruiz Solsona (Spain) ∙ Juandis (Brazil) ∙ Judith A. Hoffberg (United States) ∙ Jukka Nyman (Finland) ∙ Julien Blaine (France) ∙ Karl Kempton (United States) ∙ Ken Gray (United States) ∙ Kenneth Pobo (United States) ∙ Kim Hong-Seok (South Korea) ∙ Klaus Groh (Federal Republic of Germany) ∙ Kowa Kato (Japan) ∙ Kum Nam Baik (South Korea) ∙ L’Etoile du Nord (Sweden) ∙ Le Clair (United States) ∙ Leavenworth Jackson (United States) ∙ Leif Eriksson (Sweden) ∙ Leon Ferrari (Argentina) ∙ Lon Spiegelman (United States) ∙ Louis Neaderland/International Society of Copier Artists (United States) ∙ Lucio Kume (Brazil) ∙ Luis (Brazil) ∙ Luis F. Arteaga (Mexico) ∙ Luis H. Castellanos (Spain) ∙ M. Romero (Argentina) ∙ Maite Blay (Spain) ∙ Manoel Barbosa (Portugal) ∙ Manuel Almeida e Sousa (Portugal) ∙ Manuel E. Montilla (Panama) ∙ Manuel E. Montilla and Raúl Vásquezs (Panama) ∙ Manuel Marín (Mexico) ∙ Marcel Pey (Spain) ∙ Marco Pachetti (Italy) ∙ Maria Eugenia Guerra (Mexico) ∙ Marianne Heske (Norway) ∙ Mariapia Fanna Roncoroni (Italy) ∙ Mário A. B. Rohnelt (Brazil) ∙ Mario Borillo (France) ∙ Mario Orozco Rivera (Mexico) ∙ Marisa da Riz (Italy) ∙ Martina and Steffen Giersch (German Democratic Republic) ∙ Mary Beard Detroit (United States) ∙ Melquiades (Mexico) ∙ Michael Scott (England) ∙ Michel Champendal (France) ∙ Michel Corfou (France) ∙ Michele Perfetti (Italy) ∙ Mirella Bentivoglio (Italy) ∙ Miroljub Todorovic (Yugoslavia) ∙ MIT (Colombia) ∙ Mogens Otto Nielsen (Denmark) ∙ Montserrat Cordallas Bacaria (Spain) ∙ Nan Prancino (United States) ∙ Nanni Balestrini (Italy) ∙ Nenad Bogdanovic (Yugoslavia) ∙ Nic Thompson (United States) ∙ Nicod Jacqueline (France) ∙ Nicola Frangione (Italy) ∙ Nigel Rolfe (Ireland) ∙ Nora Iniesta (Argentina) ∙ Opal Louis Nations (United States) ∙ Otto Melich (Spain) ∙ P.J. Ribeiro (Brazil) ∙ Pablo Chaurit (Spain) ∙ Pablo del Barco (Spain) ∙ Pablo Espinosa/Gargaleón (Mexico) ∙ Pannonicus (Canada) ∙ Pat and Dick Larter (Australia) ∙ Patricia Muñoz (Argentina) ∙ Patricia Ross Alexander (United States) ∙ Patrick T. (United States) ∙ Paul Moncrieff (Australia) ∙ Paulo Bruscky (Brazil) ∙ Pawel Büchler (England) ∙ Pedro Cabrita Reis (Portugal) ∙ Peppe Rosamilia (Italy) ∙ Péril Gris (France) ∙ Peter Frank (United States) ∙ Peter Laminger (Austria) ∙ Peter Murphy (Australia) ∙ Philippe Cazal (France) ∙ Pier van Dijk (Netherlands) ∙ Piermario Ciani/Trax (Italy) ∙ Piero Simoni (Italy) ∙ Pierre-Alain Hubert (France) ∙ Predrag Sidanin (Yugoslavia) ∙ Q Martiné (Mexico) ∙ Radomir Masic (Yugoslavia) ∙ Ranko Igric (Yugoslavia) ∙ René Yañez (United States) ∙ Ria Pacquée (Belgium) ∙ Rini Templeton (United States) ∙ Robert I. Gillham (England) ∙ Robert Rehfeldt (Federal Republic of Germany) ∙ Roberta Quezada A. (El Salvador) ∙ Roberto Cebada (Mexico) ∙ Roberto Lopez Moreno (Mexico) ∙ Robin Crozier (England) ∙ Rockola (United States) ∙ Rogério Nazari (Brazil) ∙ Rolf-Peter Baacke (German Democratic Republic) ∙ Romano Peli and Michaela Versari (Italy) ∙ Ronald Foglietti (Italy) ∙ Rosario Platania (Italy) ∙ Roxy Gordon/Artmagic (United States) ∙ Ruggero Maggi (Italy) ∙ Russel Butler/Buz Blurrworks (United States) ∙ S. Gustav Hägglund (United States) ∙ Salvatore Commercio (Italy) ∙ Salvatore de Rosa (Italy) ∙ Sam’s Recycle Shop (Canada) ∙ Sandro Sulpizio (Italy) ∙ Scilla (United States) ∙ Scott Helmes (United States) ∙ Sheila C. Hickman (New Zealand) ∙ SIEP (Sàpigues i Entenguis Produccions) (Spain) ∙ Steen Møller Rasmussen (Denmark) ∙ Stephen Spera (United States) ∙ Sue Jaz Mahn (South Korea) ∙ Teo Alayo Maguiña (Peru) ∙ Teresinka Pereira (United States) ∙ Thanasis Chondros (Greece) ∙ The National Health Service (Denmark) ∙ Thierry Tillier (Belgium) ∙ Timo Malén (Finland) ∙ Tomas Hales (Czechoslovakia) ∙ Ubaldo Giacomucci (Italy) ∙ Vec/Rod Summers (Netherlands) ∙ Verónica Arana Juárez (Nicaragua) ∙ Vicente (Brazil) ∙ Victor J.L. Gómez (Mexico) ∙ Victor Perez (United States) ∙ Virg (Yugoslavia) ∙ Vittore Baroni (Italy) ∙ Vittorio Fava (Italy) ∙ Vlado Martek (Yugoslavia) ∙ Wally Darnell (Saudi Arabia) ∙ William Louis Sørensen (Denmark) ∙ Witold Stanislaw Nozak (Poland) ∙ Woody van Amen (Netherlands) ∙ Wulle-Konsumkunst (Federal Republic of Germany) ∙ X.L. Anguish (Netherlands) ∙ Xavier Canals (Spain)